The ASO is a coalition of activists that achieve lasting improvements in workers' rights and social justice through public education and community outreach. We advocate on behalf of those in our society who do not have a voice in our government.

We are not funded by any political party or paid by any organization or corporation.  In order to continue holding events such as voter education bus tours, worker appreciation actions and large events such as the People's Bratfest, we rely on contributions from average citizens.  As a non-profit we keep none of the donations for ourselves as all our members, including our Board of Directors, are volunteers and receive no salary.  This means every penny you donate to the ASO through donations of merchandise purchases goes directly toward the betterment of our world.

When we hold events we make every attempt to purchase materials from local or socially responsible businesses. Even our T-shirts ares organic Made in America cotton shirts, dyed and screened by local Madison businesses.  Though being socially responsible isn't cheap, but it is our belief that the cost is worth it in order to support socially responsible commerce and American workers.  We firmly believe in the idea of Commerce with Morality and are willing to spend a little more to support businesses that do too.

Help us further our mission of voter outreach and the upholding of the People's First Amendment rights by pledging today. Thank you!